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This homeowner, whose HOA forced him to put a fence around his trash cans.

This little girl, who was told that she had to eat half of her grapes.

This music student, who answered the question about Bach 100% accurately.

This pick-up truck owner, who does indeed have a green car.

This husband, who happily obliged his wife's request to put the pillowcases on the pillows.

This fast food employee, who *technically* followed the customer's request that the burger be lettuce-wrapped.

This husband, who asked his wife what name she wanted on her running bib.

This bar owner, who is legally required to offer food along with all that alcohol.

This texter, who was more than happy to do things the "American" way.

This test-taker, who read the instructions very carefully.

And this test-taker, who ALSO followed the instructions exactly as written.

This little kid, who was more than happy to, well, show their thinking.

This package recipient, who clearly read the "do not cut with a knife" instructions on the box.

This customer, who placed their number at the edge of the table as directed.

This motorcyclist, who is actually allowed to park there according to the signs.

This cashier, who is totally following his store's rule that all drinks go in plain white cups.

This dude, who is doing exactly what the sign requested of him.

This Kool-Aid fan, who put the straw precisely where the arrow directed her to.

And finally, there's this little kid, who was told by his parents he could have some chips as a snack.

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