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Dragon Tower – 336m – Harbin, China

When Chinese needed a television tower, they built one that looks like the Eiffel Tower.

Tokyo Tower – 332m – Tokyo, Japan

An Eiffel Tower in the colors of Tintin’s rocket that also serves as a radio transmitter in Japan.

Nagoya TV Tower – 180m – Nagoya, Japan

The oldest TV tower in Japan. However, this tower was bombed in movie Godzilla in 1992.

Las Vegas Eiffel Tower – 165m – Las Vegas, USA

Many Americans love Paris. Hence, they recreated their own miniature Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and the Opera Garnier in miniature Las Vegas. 

Funkturm Berlin – 150m – Berlin, Germany

A 100 meters high tower built built on porcelain insulators, houses a restaurant 50 meters above the ground which is necessarily unique.

Eiffel Tower of Window of the World – 108m – Shenzhen, China

The Chinese Eiffel Tower is located in a park filled with replicas of the world’s most beautiful monuments. 

Eiffel Tower – 101m – Kings Island Amusement Park, Mason, United States

Even Ohio in USA has its own Eiffel Tower, which is placed in the midst of the world’s fastest roller coaster.

Kings Dominion Amusement Park – 101m – Doswell, United States

If Ohio has the right to the Eiffel Tower, Virginia has too. 

Metallic tower of Lyon, France – 86m.

One Eiffel Tower was not enough for France. Hence, they needed a one second one. The city of Lyon has its own Eiffel Tower which is smaller than original building.

Torre del Reformador – 75m – Guatemala City, Guatemala

If one day we would have imagined the skeleton of the Eiffel Tower, it might look like this.

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