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Como Shambhala Estate in Indonesia

People visit Bali to explore the stunning natural beauty, and evidently, they boast some top spas. If ever you can experience an opulent vacation in Bali, make sure to make a pit stop at the lush Como Shambhala Estate, that will make you feel like you're in a whole new world. Who would not want to get massaged at a posh spa while being surrounded by a tropical jungle? Do not be surprised if you leave the award-winning spa feeling brand new while glowing with happiness. Your wellness needs will most definitely be covered in the jungle hills spa!

La Reserve Geneve in Switzerland

Just the fancy name of this spa releases some stress, and La Reserve Geneve in Switzerland will certainly make your spa retreat an unforgettable stay. The spa in Switzerland is worth all the hype; with a sauna, indoor pool and hammam, the 20,000-square-foot lake front Nescens spa will not disappoint. This is not like your usual spa; there are doctors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and nutritionists on site that will compliment your wellness journey. As a client, you will leave the spa in top shape with gourmet and healthy recipes, a medical report and an exercise program.


Karkloof Safari Spa in South Africa

Going to South Africa does not mean being in the wild 24/7; they boast a long menu of luxurious body spa treatments; however, the ultimate spa is the Karkloof Safari Spa. A lavish 5-star pampering spa, it is located in the heart of a 3,500-hectare game reserve that is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. There are 17 treatment rooms that showcase beautiful scenery while being pampered with exotic and natural treatments. And if ever you want to be a little active before your relaxing session, there is bamboo dancing and Thai boxing on sight too.


Soneva Kiri In Thailand

Visiting Thailand is already so relaxing for the mind, as well as exhilarating, so imagine how sensual their spas are. In the secluded Thai island Koh Kood, is a world class spa resort Soneva Kiri, that offers every spa treatment one could dream of. Relaxing and unwinding at this spa is easily attainable as their practices include Thai herbal baths and silk facials. Seriously, what is more serene than a pampering session underneath palm trees? This spa, that includes an infinity pool, will be sure to restore all your emotional, physical, and wellness needs. And if that's not enough, you can dine in a treepod.


The Alpina Gstaad in Switzerland

You will be struck by the beauty of this luxurious 5-star retreat in Switzerland. The hotel that concentrates on delivering an opulent oasis of health and wellness, The Alpina Gstaad, is surrounded by the most jaw dropping view of the Swiss Alps. It will be hard to decide which treatment you want to indulge in at this lavish resort as they have a vast choice of 60 treatments. Your wellness is not far out of reach at this spa too, with fitness classes, an oriental and salt room, and floatation paradise.


The Villa Stephanie in Germany

Detoxing is important to boost your well-being, especially since taking time for your wellness should be a priority. The Villa Stephanie in Germany is the perfect place to go to receive top-notch private services, to feel refreshed, and ultimately re-energized. This mansion that is in the Black Forest is concentrated on the art of healing for all its patients. This spa creates inimitable experiences for each customer as they make skin rejuvenation, detoxing, and mental vigor their top priority — and there is no wi-fi!


Zighy Bay in Oman

At this spa, its treatments are as luxurious as its appearance. The opulent Zighy Bay in Oman is everything a healthy mind needs; the exuberant spa, that overlooks the sea, has an abundance of treatments and activities that promises to give their clients the most luxurious spa experience. This spa is a haven that includes cocoons, body polish, hot-stone massages, and two hammams for pure Arabian relaxation. For those who want to get their heart rate up, there is hatha yoga and aqua fitness. Whatever you do here, you will be on the right path to a happy and healthy life.

The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Malaysia

Give peace a chance and explore your inner peace and happiness at The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat while unwinding at this luxury spa. Just the surroundings will lend to some well needed R&R, but the revitalizing spa includes an ice bath, a meditation cave, and geothermal hot springs dipping pools to pamper in all while being beneath the Paleozoic limestone hills of Malaysia. With the various treatments offered that are all focused on wellness, it won't be difficult to find something to suit your needs; 40 healing treatments, colon or antioxidant restorative hydrotherapy, and yoga and bootcamp sessions are all available.


Parrot Cay in Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a good place to start if you're looking for pure bliss and relaxation, and evidently, this tropical destination has one of the most luxurious wellness resorts as it is secluded on its own private island. If you have moolah, it does not get more exclusive than this spa treatment; it is a private ocean view home, and to top it off, it includes your very own butler. Complete with Japanese baths and a jacuzzi garden, guests can be treated to acupuncture therapy, yoga and Pilates for well-being, and Ayurveda and shiatsu massage therapy — all this in a private villa.


Ananda in India

Evidently, India could just be the zen vacation you're looking for, and at Ananda, pampering yourself will have you living your best life. The Ananda finds itself in the serene Himalayas, and the Viceregal Palace, whose architectural style is as luxurious as their wellness program makes the trip there completely worthy. Here, you can expect the ultimate wellness journey with a rejuvenating menu of 80 beauty and body spa treatments. Choose between the chill plunge pool, heated pool or Kneipp hydrotherapy foot bath to feel fresh and rejuvenated.


Shanti Maurice in Mauritius

Not many people know about the hidden jewel Mauritius, and if ever there on holiday, head over to the Shanti Maurice, where wellness is a top priority. Imagine being massaged or receiving a luxurious facial during sunset, well this sea-front opulent spa makes that all possible. Here, the word stress is non-existent, as clients indulge in holistic therapeutic treatments, like the Africology treatment, natural exfoliations, and even Watsu. This spa satisfies all your needs with personalised yoga sessions, as well as tennis courts, fine cooking classes and lectures — you will return home a new person.


The Farm at San Benito in The Philippines

For improved health and wellness, The Farm at San Benito should be your next escape. What this sumptuous spa resort has that is unique amongst others, is that was built around an old mango tree that is rumoured to posses healing powers. The Farm is an upscale location that makes use of the nature surrounding it with its own organic garden and wheatgrass bungalow that are used to give the most extravagant beauty spa treatment. Before doing sunrise yoga or engaging in meditation, stress reduction can be attained by choosing an anti-stress facial or Tibetan steam therapy.


Nihi Sumba Island in Indonesia

Talk about exclusivity, Nihi Sumba Island in Indonesia, an upscale resort not far from Bali, is only allowed to host 10 guests per day — and with exclusivity comes privacy and fun. However, this spa does not see resting as the only way to receive proper wellness and relaxation. They offer a spa safari that is a 90-minute trek during sunrise that brings patients through rice paddies and local villages to the final destination, that is a secluded valley where customers receive a full day of "a la carte" treatments. What more? Private ocean views.


Borgo Egnazia in Italy

Want to catch up on some R&R in Italy? And where Justin Timberlake got married? It does not sound too typical for a spa retreat, but in Borgo Egnazia, Italy, is a low-key hotel with 29 villas that is pure amore. The Vair Spa is ravishing and pristine; keeping the traditional Roman style in mind, the spa is a modern Roman bath house that focuses on having the most exclusive artistic therapists. Wellness seekers can find themselves in a candlelit soak, indulging in music therapy or in a scrub that uses garden produce.


Assawan Spa in Dubai

If you're visiting Dubai, then might as well go hard and take a spa retreat that is all the luxury you can dream of. Those looking to restore their wellness and feel rejuvenated can experience all that and more at the Assawan Spa in Dubai. Evidently, the decor is upscale and prestigious, and so, the spa that offers La Prairie treatments while giving customers a vibe of the Middle Eastern culture is a go-to spa retreat. They have unique caviar facial and body treatments that can be followed by a serene sit down on their outdoor balcony.


Aro-Ha Wellness Retreat in New Zealand 

At the end of the day, the ultimate spa experience is attained when there is a spectacular view; a picturesque scenery always makes a spa retreat the most satisfying for wellness and health. The Aro-Ha in New Zealand is a 21-acre retreat that is full of bliss because of the Southern Alps and surrounding turquoise waters that can be seen when being treated. Health is a priority here, as meals come straight out from what is available in the garden, and communication during acroyoga is vital, as it promotes a healthy mind.


Vana Malsi Estate in India

India is back on our list, because of course, the serenity of the country is unique on its own, but so is the Vana Malsi estate. Here, one can expect a retreat that combines meditation, ayurvedic medicine, traditional yoga, organic cuisine, and beauty treatments; we believe this is the perfect recipe for ultimate rejuvenation. And if you're looking to completely de-stress in life and detox, they offer a 21-night panchakarma program specifically for intense detox.


Amangiri in the United States

Adventure junkies like a little bit of R&R time too, and if so, the Amangiri in Utah is the extravagant spa retreat to visit. It is a 25,000-square-foot spa that is in the desert and is surrounded by the dreamiest views possible; the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Bryce and Zion National Parks and the Grand Staircase. You will also receive a unique spa treatment as the spa is inspired by Navajo traditions. And naturally, their staff includes archaeologists, geologists, and naturalists.


Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa in the United States

California is such a lovely place, surrounded by palm trees and lush gardens, it is no surprise the Rancho Valencia has made our list. In a state with inhabitants that work hard, but also want to be on the ball when it comes to wellness, health, and beauty, the Rancho Valencia is the perfect sanctuary for those to engage in detox. Those who take a spa retreat here can find their morning filled with fitness activities, and their afternoons relaxed with special spa treatments like desert fig facials and citrus-infused soaks. And, they let you end the day by the pool with some bubbly.


Chable Resort and Spa in Mexico

Mexico is not only about crazy parties and “mas” tequila, it is also devoted to luxurious spa retreats. It's the perfect place after a night of partying, right? The Chable Resort is a 32,000-square-foot spa in Yucat√°n that is on a cenote and guess what? It is surrounded by impeccable Mayan ruins. With therapies that focus on wellness and health, they are rooted in ancient practices that make this spa retreat an oasis of opulent care. With full moon bathing rituals and sweat-lodge sessions, feeling detoxified in Mexico is no joke.


Life Day Spa in South Africa

This upscale spa literally has everything a person seeking some TLC wants and needs. Firstly, imagine being at the top of Cape Town, in a swimming pool that is surrounded by nothing but glass windows to allow for a magnificent and hedonistic view. At the Life Day Spa, a modern spa retreat, the view itself is the secret to rejuvenation. They are mostly popular for their flotation room that is made up of spring saltwater, as well as their luxurious wraps, scrubs, and massage treatments. However, the views make it the ultimate de-stressing location.


Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat in France

The ultimate destination for rejuvenation is not too far out of reach if you live in Europe or are travelling there. The French love everything that is classy and posh, and so it is no surprise that the spa at the Gran Hotel du Cap Ferrat is one of the most distinct in the world. The spa, that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and is decorated with lavish gardens, offers a retreat that is untypical. Why? The al fresco spa treatment is a secret pristine spot that many do not know about, which means it is a silent and relaxing spa atmosphere.


W Retreat and Spa in the United States

Experience all Vieques Island has to offer by including a stay at the W Retreat & Spa. Here, you will find yourself indulging in a unique and mind-blowing journey to pure bliss for both your health and wellness. The island itself is the top island to be away from people to be able to recharge, and with the W Spa, you can expect to be whisked away by custom spa treatments. The resort has custom made scrubs that are blended with rare gemstone crystal, noni fruit, and organic seaweed — this right here is a rare gem.


Four Seasons Chiang Mai Spa in Thailand

You simply cannot go wrong with the Four Seasons Chiang Mai Spa in Bangkok — here, you can leave feeling like a new guru, and that is if you ever want to leave. We love spas that are exotic, because at the end of the day, there is nothing more detoxifying than being surrounded by lush gardens, especially in the heart of Thailand. Breathe in and breathe out while being treated here with ancient rituals, and we are sure by the end of it you'll be saying nama-stay-here.


Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland

Did you honestly think we would forget to include Iceland? If you're on the hunt for a sole retreat of pampering and indulgence, then make way to the pristine Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa. Once here, we guarantee you that you will feel like you're in a whole new world, and just that will be enough to spike your wellness. The spa, that is known to relieve stress and health aliments, is sensual in appearance, but the waters are the ultimate luxurious sensation. The steamy hot waters contain silica, sulfur, and algae and the massages, cleanses and mud exfoliates makes it the most prestigious spa package.

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