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Do you know even banana causes damage to our body? This fruit which contains potassium, carbohydrate, fiber and energy also cause harm to us.

These are some of the harms


According to some of the dieticians if you often get migraine attacks you must avoid eating banana as it contains tarmine which increases migraine pain.
Tooth Decay 

Banana contains starch in high amount which is not good for your teeth. According to research it contains starch more than chocolates and gums jellies which takes lit of time in dissolving and hence leads to tooth decay.


you might have heard that eating banana helps in clearing stomach where as the fact is, it cause constipation. it contains tannic acid which is not good for digestive system.

Nerve Damage

Banana contains vitamin B6 in high amount. eating banana regularly cause nerve damage. People who do not exercise must not have many bananas as it might damage their nerves.

Stomach pain

As banana contains high amount of starch and also cause constipation it might lead to stomach pain. sometimes it also gives your body negative energy which cause vomiting etc.

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